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Smart home automation benefits in Gulf countries

Smart Home Automation
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Wireless smart home automation is growing in all areas, and wireless smart home systems are in demand, especially for smart home automation. This post will provide useful insights on using smart home automation in Gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

The most important feature that distinguishes smart home systems from other general systems is that they provide more comfort. This comfort relaxes us at home and allows us to rest more, spending the least of our energy.

We wrote an introductory article on smart home automation. In this post, we dive deeper and show the practical benefits of wireless smart home automation. In addition, you will find tips on how to improve your living conditions, especially if you live in the Gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Wireless smart home automation in Gulf countries

In Middle Eastern countries and especially in Gulf countries, comfort is essential at home due to climatic conditions. The fact that the weather always too hot and affects human health. We all know that all life is designed in Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Riyadh, Manama, and other Gulf cities according to huge warm weather. everything is being considered because of warm weather. From villas in Doha to the largest shopping malls, from skyscrapers in Dubai to the coast of Jeddah.

Everything is being considered because of the warm weather, from Villas in Al Wakra to towers in West Bay.

If you live in one of the Gulf states, don't you want comfort such as below?

Just imagine.

You are approaching your villa by your car, the garden door opens from the car by one touch.

When you enter the garden, the garden lights are on.

The window louvers are closing.

The house lights are on according to your scenario.

When you approach the door, your door opens by a touch on the phone.

The air conditions cool the house before you arrive.

The lights level change according to your movie watch mode.

When you go to sleep, your security alarm system is arming and you can sleep safely.

If you have forgotten the iron in the socket outlet, it can of itself.

If you want, you can switch off the socket outlet in your office or wherever.

If you have a babysitter at home, you can let her do any commands, and then you can check my log. Or, if the window opens by hand, you can also control climatization and energy savings at home. If there is a water leak in the house, so you will know immediately.

A family with their baby sitting in their smart home

Smart, safe, and healthy environment

No matter where you are in the world or in Qatar, don't you want to check to control the temperature and humidity of your so cute baby's room?  Which one of us didn't buy a steam machine at the grocery for the kid's room?

Smart home automation in the Gulf countries

Especially those who live in the big cities of the Gulf countries know that (in Doha, Dubai, Riyadh, etc..) the weather is so hot. Even almost impossible that go slowly from home's door to the car in the summertime. If there is a water tank on the roof, as you know the water flows too hot. Air conditions always work but uncontrolled and cool areas not homogeneous. The humidity and heat of the baby's room always make our minds busy. 

If you have a smart home system, you make your home comfortable in Doha conditions. You can control heat, humidity, electricity, and systems as you like. You protect the health and peace of your loved ones.

luxury home with smart automation

Wireless smart home automation scenarios that you benefit

If the weather is too hot, the following scenario will be more effective at home or in villa;

  1. All air conditions are turned on according to the set temperature and stop when they reach that temperature.
  2. Check the electrical devices connected to the socket outlet.
  3. Check the humidity in the room. If it's below the desired value, switch it to activate the steam device.
  4. Run the garden irrigation system. Check the pool temperature.
  5. Check the security around the home.
  6. Let it do all this with a smart home mobile app.

and more…

Even if you want camping by your caravan in Dukhan area, you can implement this system in your caravan and you can continue to live your comfort without interruption.

Wireless smart home automation systems have become a requirement in Doha. Especially those living in these hot countries are demanding more and more home automation comforts. In particular, older analog systems are being replaced by IoT (Internet of Things) systems equipped with next-generation technology. Wireless products are preferred because they are installed in the house without any renovations.

home automation, which also provides a comfortable environment in terms of Health, has already become an indispensable issue today. 

What are those wireless smart home devices?

Products that make a home smart include smart sockets, smart relays, dry contacts, motion sensors, magnetic contacts, and electrical controllers, water leak controllers, fire detectors, and more.

Why you should choose Livicom as your wireless smart home automation systems

You can do more than what is written above with Livicom smart home automation systems. We have the technology that makes a home smart.

No more degraded battery problems.

Fully, all devices work wireless and the battery life is 10 years.

Wide range of wireless home automation range

Communication between the main unit and the devices can work up to 1000 m  in the open area.

Smart home security

Livicom's home security devices prevent many accidents and disasters before they happen. The wireless home security system includes fire alarm, motion detector, glass break detector etc.

Unlimited home automation

It can be connected 256 devices to the main unit, it has more than enough capacity and scenario for a villa / an apartment or an office.

Global communication standards

The system can also work through a SIM card, That's why does not need any internet connection or phone line. So the system works everywhere with cell phones where reach the signal.

Smart Home Security Systems

As a result, if the more your comfortable time waste at home, you more enjoy being home. Especially in very hot countries like Gulf countries, the best idea is to spend time inside.

You can easily leave your information to us. Then, we reach you and discuss what you need exactly?

Have a comfort life by smart home systems