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An introductory guide to smart home automation and smart homes

Smart Home Automation
Smart home automation with mobile

Smart home automation is getting cheaper and accessible to more people through smart devices and smart homes. At the same time, the capabilities of smart devices are improving day by day with the latest innovations. This article will examine in depth what should be known about smart home technology and related automation.

Smart Home Technology

What Is Smart Home Technology?

Smart home technology is the name given to any automation or connectivity that uses computer systems and electronics. What makes it an intelligent system is that it can automatically control devices in your home. such as lighting

Smart home automation is possible today due to the development of multiple technologies. Real-time analytics, machine learning, and various embedded systems make the technology possible.

Let's examine some of the essential home automation technology buzzwords.

Internet of Things

We can call the Internet of Things (IoT) a communication network where objects are connected or with larger systems.

Devices using IoT technology connect to the internet and exchange data. These intelligent devices, which we can call embedded systems, have their software and sensors. The most well-known example among them is smartwatches.

The applications of IoT are not restricted to Smart homes only. Apart from these, some of the application areas of the Internet of Things are such below:

  • Smart city applications
  • Smart security systems
  • Medical and healthcare applications
  • Procurement practices
  • Smart home automation
  • Agricultural applications

Smart Home

A smart home is a house that can control household appliances and belongings. It works with the help of a mobile device or another computer over a network they are connected to. In other words, a smart home is a group of interconnected smart home devices and sensors. Those connected devices communicate with each other in a network managed by the smart hub. You can control all your smart home devices remotely.

What does Smart Hub do?

The smart hub acts as a bridge between the devices and gives them connectivity. The hub enables the communication of smart devices with each other and gives out information to the user through an app or computer over a network.

Smart home automation

Home automation is a sub-topic of robotics. It is also known as smart home automation. It is a methodology of automating the work to be done in a smart home with smart products. Therefore, automation refers to a broader concept than smart homes.

According to Wikipedia, a home automation system monitors or controls home features such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and devices.

To make sensors and smart home products communicate with each other, they need a gateway. It is the one that accepts data from input devices or sensors and sends it out through output systems. Communication between devices can be over a network via various communication protocols.

The appliances of smart homes communicate with each other through various communication protocols like X10, UBP, Z-Wave, ZigBee, Insteon, and Wireless smart home automation.

Smart home automation automates tasks that would generally have to be done manually using smart home devices. Thus, there is no harm in calling homes where these tasks are performed automatically by IoT devices, as smart homes.

You can control your smart home devices via:

Smart home automation

Why is home automation needed?

Smart home automation gives you the chance to automate your life. Smart home devices are actually regular products that don't require internet. However, when they have the internet's power, they become smart home devices that communicate with each other over a network.

Besides, these devices are also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) devices controlled by smartphones and tablets through cloud computing systems. They enable various functions such as turning on lights when someone is there in the house, maintaining temperature levels, or automatically opening the door when dark outside.

Home automation makes life more comfortable and can even save you money. You can reduce the cost of heating, cooling, and electricity. Home automation can also lead to more excellent safety with intelligent home security systems and alarms. It also leverages physical security with smart security devices.

How smart home automation system works?

The systems operate at three different levels in the most general sense. We can call these functions of home automation.

  • Monitoring / Surveillance: It means users can control their devices remotely through an application. For example, when you are not at home, you can connect your camera and view what is happening.
  • Control: You have returned home from the cottage. However, you don't remember closing one of the shutters of the rooms. You open your application with your mobile and realized that the shutter was open. With a few taps, you closed your smart shutter and solved the problem.
  • Automation: Setting up devices to trigger each other, such as a smart siren, when your security camera or wireless motion sensor detects a motion and automates the process.

Smart home automation in popular culture

Although smart home systems have just begun to enter our lives, we often encounter traces in popular culture. Many of us remember "The Jetsons" will be remembered by many of us. They are aired in prime-time for the first time in 1962 in the United States. The cartoon series was set in a future-time utopia. There are numerous intelligent home automation examples in the cartoon.

Let's remember the Rosey character, which is loved by the Jetgiller family and never changed with a top model, although it is actually a home robot that is discontinued. This smart robot, which does all household chores, is perhaps the first example of smart home automation in our social memory.

The benefits of smart home automation systems

At a romantic dinner, you can make the fireplace burn out at once. It is pretty clear that this is a great move. However, smart home automation is a concept that has benefits far beyond these. I can say that we are at the beginning of a paradigm shift. Even just thinking about today's technology, we can talk about the following benefits:

  • Remote access: Accessing remote devices means unlocking the door for your relatives or checking the fridge's temperature.
  • Comfort: You will be able to start actions such as Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling before you come to your home. Thus, a warm house in winter and a cool house in summer will be waiting for you.
  • Energy Efficiency: You remember that every time you come to your office in the morning, the light in the bathroom stays on. Who knows how many times we have experienced this situation. You can ensure that the devices you want are automatically turned off at certain times of the day. It makes everyday life is more energy-efficient.
  • Safety: Finally, many smart security products can increase your home’s safety. Wireless motion sensors and smart locks constitute great burglar alarms. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors prevent accidents.


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